We had a great first foray learning about trees on May 2.

Check out all of our pictures and lessons from our lessons on trees, water relations, and the great spring time transitions from dormant twigs to flowers, fruit, and leafy branches. 

The first day of the market was very busy, with customers lined up all around the booths and food trucks. We chatted with our fellow market-goers about the biological reasons for annual rings, tried our hand at aging cut trees, and explored the flowers, fruits, and new leaves of our local trees. Near the end of the market, as we were cleaning up our wilted twigs, a newly minted tree scientist stopped by to pick up a piece of a birch catkin and proclaim it as “flowers!”. And now an under-appreciated tree flower has a new fan.

We were represented by University of Minnesota scientists from the graduate programs in Plant Biology and Ecology, Evolution,  and Behavior and undergraduates from the College of Biological Sciences’ Health and Biological Research News Club.

Join us for Market Science next Saturday for explorations of soil: soil types, determining soil types, and all of the tiny organisms that live within it.

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