Happy fall semester, everyone! Market Science has been incredibly busy this summer. From organizing market events all over the metro area, to spreading scientific knowledge at the MN State Fair, we have been hard at work all season long, and are excited to continue bringing science to markets this fall. 

One of our session leaders, Stephanie Mitchell, recently brought the mystery of nanoparticles to the Midtown Farmers Market on September 7. Describing them as “teeny teeny tiny,” these nanoparticles were brought out for kids and adults of all ages to see and experiment with. Mitchell and her team brought along both gold nanoparticles and ferrofluid, a nanoscale iron oxide that can be used in cancer treatments. Volunteers helped to show curious market-goers how something so teeny tiny can have such a big effect on technology, like computers and smartphones. Without nanoparticles, many of the electronics we love to use every day wouldn’t work!

For more information on Mitchell’s outreach experience, and to learn more about nanotechnology, click here to access her blog for the Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology.