Hello everyone! Market Science is back with another update!

This past week brought not only a big heat wave, but also a new president at the University of Minnesota. President Joan T.A. Gabel was sworn in as the 17th University president on Friday, September 20, and to kick off her term, a huge inauguration picnic was held in her honor on the Mall on the East Bank campus. Dozens of vendors, food trucks, the Pride of Minnesota Marching Band, the Spirit Squad – and Market Science, of course! – gathered to enjoy the nice weather and delicious food, as well as learn about all of the various clubs and organizations active here on campus. The Market Science board brought lots of exciting critters for their “Invertebrates” session, including Rosie, the rose-haired tarantula, a cellar spider, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, fiddler crabs, and bean beetles. Over 250 people stopped by to pet Rosie, watch the crabs fight over territory in their tank, and listen to the cockroaches hiss. It was a beautiful, sunny day enjoyed by all, and the Market Science volunteers had a blast spreading the knowledge of science to students, staff, the public, and President Gabel herself!

Welcome to the University of Minnesota, President Gabel. Ski U Mah!

The Market Science board with President Gabel at the Inauguration Picnic, Sept. 20, 2019.