Viviana Londoño-Lemos

Image by Viviana Londoño-Lemos

Welcome back! This week’s featured scientist is Viviana Londoño-Lemos, a Ph.D. student at the University of Minnesota studying plant science. Viviana is in the Powers Lab and in the Department of Plant and Microbial Biology. Her research interests lie in aiming to understand the regeneration process in the tropical dry forest and contribute to new restoration strategies. She typically works with seeds, seedlings, and saplings from tree species. Read more to find out how Viviana got into the work that she does!


How did you get into the work that you do?

I started to work in the tropical dry forest during my undergrad. I was born in a place that is part of this type of ecosystem, so it was a part of my culture and my childhood.

What is one of your favorite aspects of your work? What is the most challenging?

My favorite part of my work is the plants. They are beautiful beings that have a lot of interactions with the environment. I also love getting to know how tropical trees look when they are babies. 

The most challenging for me is finding effective ways to communicate science to the general public.

If you could study any one topic or idea, and money/time/equipment/ were not an issue, what would you study?

If those things weren’t an issue, I would love to study the community ecology of the tropical dry forest.

Outside of your scientific studies, what other subjects or interests do you enjoy?

I am interested in working with communities and would love to contribute to developing environmental policies. 

What is a fun fact that few people would guess about you?

I love F1 races.

Header Photo by Oskari Manninen