Market Science is a team of scientists from the University of Minnesota, and around the Twin Cities, sharing science through hands-on learning activities for kids, delving into scientific questions for market goers, and starting conversations between researchers and their communities. We started in 2013 at the Minneapolis Midtown Farmers Market and we have expanded to farmer’s markets, fairs, and other community events throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota. Explore our calendar to catch us at a place near you!


  1. Bring science and scientists into our communities by sharing our research stories and providing activities to explore our research in informal community spaces, such as farmer’s markets and fairs.
  2. Train scientists to be effective science communicators and advocates. Scientists come from diverse backgrounds and have interesting personal and research stories to share. They have different interests and follow different pathways into the sciences. Market Science provides training and access to the public so that scientists can effectively and authentically share their stories and expertise with a general audience.
  3. Make science a family activity. We want to elevate science discourse in families so that everyone can interact with current publicly-funded research and engage their own natural curiosity.


  1. Meet people in their own neighborhoods and reach members of the community who may not normally interact with scientists or other science organizations.
  2. Provide training and resources to help scientists develop interactive and hands-on activities related to their research and communicate scientific content in an informal setting.
  3. Engage families and communities in conversations about science that promote scientific literacy; build capacity among young scientists, their families, and communities that support ongoing interest and understanding of science and technology.

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